Trying + Loving : April


For my first post (yay!), I want to list a few products and things that I’ve tried in April and have been loving.



I love everything about Lush and I’ve been using a few of their products off and on for years. I finally got around to branching out and buying a cleanser from them, so after a bit of research (and a few nudges from the associates in the store), I went with Herbalism and have been using it twice a day. This cleanser makes my face feel so incredibly smooth, and it’s got a crazy good ingredients list that helps fight off my acne and keep breakouts at bay. I’ve definitely seen a difference in my skin since using this stuff!


I can’t say enough about how wonderful this stuff is. Seriously. First, let me tell you that my experience at Kiehl’s was amazing. The customer service was terrific. An associate asked me about my skin type (combination and acne-prone), asked me what my priorities were for my skin were (more moisture for dry spots, improve overall skin texture, etc.), and even asked me about my budget (stuff can get pricey there!). He talked with me for a while and recommended the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and when I checked out, he filled my bag with TONS of free samples to to try of other products. Phenomenal experience overall. Anyway, I have had troubled skin my entire life, and the very first day I tried the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I saw a difference. My skin feels so supple and smooth not only the morning after application, but even under my makeup throughout the day! I’m so pleased with this product. I also received a sample of the Daily Recovery Concentrate that I’ve been trying and I can tell that using both of them together is a must if you want quick results.


I’ve never been one to wear sunscreen, but after doing my research and getting a few nudges from the associates at Kiehl’s, I was convinced. Sunscreen really is so important all the time (I’ll be posting about this soon), but especially on your face if you have dark spots or wrinkles! On top of not believing in the importance of it, I also thought that all sunscreens were too oily for my face and would just slip off my skin. However, this sunscreen kills all those fears! This is such a lightweight sunscreen that feels like it’s barely there on my skin. I even double its use and wear it as a moisturizer under my makeup. I love it and I’m glad I got this before summer hits this year!


This. Stuff. Is. Magical. I got this out of a recommendation from Ingrid Nilsen and it’s totally changed my dry shampoo game. I use this stuff between washes and it actually makes my hair feel clean and gives it a bit of volume, too! I totally recommend you go spend a little extra on this stuff instead of going for anything else.




I can confidently tell you that I have tried well over 50 foundations in the course of my life as a makeup-wearing woman, and this is by far the best I’ve used. It’s a medium-full coverage foundation with a natural finish (as opposed to dewy or matte) so it covers up everything I need it to without looking cakey or fake. Absolutely amazing stuff. It is a bit pricey – about $40, which is a stark contrast to my former favorite foundation (Maybelline FitMe, $10), but it does have a ton of product in the bottle so it will last a bit longer. Especially with a good setting powder (I use Laura Mercier), this stuff lasts all day long and doesn’t slough off your face by the end of the night.


I’ve heard Youtube beauty gurus going on about this primer, and I finally tried it out and see why. This drugstore primer is up there with the high end stuff – I’ve heard that it’s basically a dupe of the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($52 for Hourglass vs. $16 for NYX). It makes my makeup go on so much easier and has increased the longevity of my foundation tenfold. It also doesn’t break me out or break my bank! Rejoice!


In the realm of makeup applicators, things can get pricey. And I’ve always associated a higher price with a higher quality, and in some areas, that’s just not true. Such is the case of this Beauty Blender dupe. Now, I’m all for the original Beauty Blender. It definitely works wonders and I’ve used it for a long time. However, the Beauty Blender is $20, and homegirl can’t afford that all the time (let alone explain to your husband why you need a $20 sponge). Enter the Real Techniques sponge. For starters, I love the shape. The flat end (which the original BB does not have), is perfect for blending under the eyes, and the rounded end is great for applying concealers and getting extra coverage in problem areas. And it’s roughly $5, which is a much better price than the Beauty Blender! The only negative difference that I see is that the RT sponge seems to retain a bit more water than the BB, which in turn retains more foundation and product. But if that’s the only downside, I’ll definitely be sticking to the Real Techniques sponge from now on!



If you’re a makeup lover on a budget, this palette is for you. I bought this on a whim at Target when my beloved contour powder bit the dust in a nasty fall from the bathroom counter (NYX Blush in Taupe, rest in peace), and I am so pleased with it! The problem with a lot of contour palettes is that the colors are always too dark or orange for my fair skin. Even the lightest shades are darker than my foundation (pale skinned women, you feel me?). Not with this palette. Not only does it have a highlight shade actually LIGHTER than my skin tone, but the contour shade isn’t too bronzey or orange! And for a drugstore product, the powders are incredibly pigmented which makes this palette go a long way. I’ll definitely be buying this again.



I love this brand. Most of their products are in my regimen. When I saw that they had come out with a new lipstick line, I was all over it. And goodness, you should be too. This lipstick is easily my favorite lip product of all time. Talk about hydrating – application of this product is so smooth and effortless, and I never have a problem with it drying out or cracking on my lips. It feels so nourishing on my lips and the shade goes with everything.




What are you trying + loving these days? Let me know in the comments!


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