My Favorite Beauty YouTube Channels

Alright, the past few posts have been on the deeper side of things, so I thought I’d balance it out with something a little easier – my favorites from the beauty realm of YouTube!

When you get on Youtube in hopes of finding a fresh look for your makeup, it’s basically like looking at a sea of the same videos over and over again and it’s hard to find a channel you really like. Hopefully by showing you my favorites, I will have done some of the work for you so you’re not sifting through pages of videos for a million years! I’ve also embedded my favorite/most helpful videos by them as examples of how great each of them are.


In no particular order, my top 5 favorites were chosen based on personality (Lord knows the internet doesn’t need another bland and boring tutorial) and helpfulness, and they are:



Not only is Haley from Cosmobyhaley amazing at makeup, she also has such a great way of explaining things, and she’s super down to earth in all her videos! She also has a fair amount of drugstore products that she uses in all her videos, making her looks almost always super affordable. Although her channel is fairly new and doesn’t have as many videos as the other ladies on my list, hers is definitely the one I visit the most to get good beauty tips! And her wings are ALWAYS ON POINT.



Because obviously. I’m sure anyone who has ever been slightly into makeup has heard of her and is probably obsessed with her, too, but I can’t keep Jaclyn Hill off this list because she’s so great. She truly makes each viewer feel like they’re friends with her. Her videos are so easy to understand yet so complex that they’re for everyone, from the person who just started in makeup to the most skillful artist. And although she has killer makeup skills and is one of the most famous Youtube beauty vloggers (especially after all these Becca collabs – YAAAS), she still remains so humble and it shows in her videos!



The above video should say enough, but seriously. Kandee Johnson got me into makeup all the way back in my freshman year of high school, and she’s been one of my favorites ever since. Her bright personality is so engaging and she’s super aware of her audience, so she’s always making sure she’s not using makeup language without explaining it first (because in 9th grade I had no clue what the heck “contour” was). She has a gazillion videos for literally every topic – I mean, obviously, since she has a Tina Belcher tutorial.



Ingrid Nilsen’s channel has videos of a variety of topics, but I love her makeup tutorials and beauty favorites the most! She’s one of the easiest YouTubers to start with because her looks are super simple and great for the everyday. We also have the same skin type (which is SO rare because it seems like every beauty YouTuber has perfect skin), so this video helped me TONS when I stumbled upon it for the first time!



I have just recently discovered her channel, and oh my gosh I love her. The videos I’ve seen of hers are incredibly in-depth, and her descriptions of products she uses are useful and never too “extra” like I’ve seen in so many other Youtuber’s videos. I really love how precise and minimal she is, so she’s definitely worth a mention here! She’s also HILARIOUS and I want to be her friend.



What are your favorite beauty Youtube channels or favorite tutorials? Let me know in the comments!


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