Trying + Loving : June

Alright, two things. First, sorry for the impromptu hiatus these past two weeks! I was on vacation the week before last and forgot to schedule posts, then last week I wrapped up things at my job, so I haven’t had time to post! Second, happy fourth of July! This holiday isn’t my thing (why are fireworks a thing?!), but I hope yours was fun and safe!

Now that we have those two things out of the way, here we go. You know the drill by now. In no particular order, here are my favorite beauty products from the month of June that I wanted to share with you!






I started using this body scrub about a year ago and got it as part of my gift for my bridesmaids, but totally forgot about it once the real wedding craziness got underway! l so wish l hadn’t forgotten about it though, because l probably would have amazing skin by now if I hadn’t! It’s basically a coffee scrub with different oils infused that make your skin extra smooth and hydrated while the coffee grounds do the exfoliating. It’s amazing at fading scars and smoothing out cellulite on your body – the only thing I can’t use it for is as a face scrub because it gave me HORRIBLE cystic acne afterward! I’m not sure if it’s just my skin or if it will affect anyone else like that, but I learned my lesson! As long as I avoid my face, this stuff is incredible!




So I read somewhere that this was a dupe for the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, so I gave it a try and honestly I can agree! The only thing that Born This way has on this foundation is a better color selection, especially for fairer skin tones. But I buy two shades (Ivory and Classic Ivory) and mix them for my color match, and its STILL cheaper than if I bought one bottle of Born This Way (2 bottles of Maybelline Better Skin – $24, 1 bottle of Born This Way – $39)! It’s a medium-full coverage foundation that is very buildable. It claims to fade dark spots, scars, and even out your skin tone, but I haven’t really been paying attention to my skin lately so I can’t attest to that yet! This stuff settles into my skin much nicer than Born This Way does and stays all day long with minimal blotting in the summer heat. I’m definitely sticking with this stuff for now!



I got this on recommendation from an Ulta employee, and I like it a lot so far! They claimed that it’s the same as the Becca highlighter but less expensive – it’s definitely not the same (Becca is still the reigning champion of highlighters), but it’s still very nice! The product gives a natural glow to my skin and doesn’t look grainy or settle into my pores, something I always have issues with when it comes to highlighters!




I’m incredibly picky when it comes to brow products, so you have to know something is good if I mention it on my blog! This brow mascara has made its way into my all-time favorite makeup products because it delivers. It’s very pigmented and makes my brows stay in place all day long. I use it with the E.L.F. Eyebrow Pencil from my May favorites post and I couldn’t be more pleased! And the price tag is unbeatable ($7) for how long it lasts!



I’m super late to the party on this product, but I now see what everyone was obsessing over in this drugstore blush! It’s super creamy on the skin and buildable, and it actually stays on my skin unlike other blushes I find with similar price tags. I haven’t used anything else since I bought this product, especially since it’s s great shade for summertime!



I absolutely love ColourPop and all their lip products, but this one is my favorite right now! This is such a comfortable matte liquid lipstick that doesn’t feel drying like so many others do. The shade is amazing as well. Also, this stuff does. not. come. off. Seriously. Forget the Kylie Jenner lip kits and snag a few of these for $6 on their website. You won’t regret it!




I know, ColourPop again. And I know, another highlighter (you can never have too many in the summertime, y’all). This is a cream highlighter and I honestly thought I would hate it because I favor powder highlighters, but it turns out that it’s one of my favorites! It looks so glowy on my skin and is seriously SO easy to apply. I literally use my finger and blend it in on my face and I’m good to go! Can I also say it’s ridiculously pigmented? And its eight bucks. Seriously, that’s all you need to know.




So the day I went to Sephora to to disappointedly return my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer (it’s nice, but definitely not  $28 nice), I decided to try this out as I’d heard great things about it, and for five bucks I figured I had nothing to lose. Guys. GUYS. I cannot say enough good things about this product! Blends like a dream. Lasts forever. Doesn’t look cakey one bit. Lightweight yet incredibly pigmented. I’ve tried a ton of concealers in my day, but this one is by far my favorite!


Are there any products you’ve been loving this past month? Share in the comments!


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